Fuck YouEdit

I hate you all so much, I'm gonna commit Sudoku with my jinx body pillow

The topic is eichelEdit

Kill yourself by choking on your fleshlight you fat cunt

commonly used quotesEdit


"did someone say rekt"

"ayy lmao"

"nice try, guy"


"big booty Judy"

"riven is spelled o.p."

"kill yourself"

"i'm gonna commit sudoku"

"you're bad"

"what are you talking about"

"ey b0ss"

"cen i hav de pusi pls"

"cen i habe pizza pls"

"lel u wot m8"

"I Like Dragon Dildos"

"fuk u" 

"i hate you and your mother too"

He likes BBC, Rape, Child Porn, Tentacle Porn ( Hentai ), and Body Pillows btw

How did you know

I hacked your account

Cameron was here

Cen i hav de pusi pls Edit

sometimes i sit on my roof and contemplate when i will ever get da pusi

No Because Your An Acorn

this is brutal like my porn stash

ao shin is the next league of legends champion Edit

the river bing king ling ping is 9000

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